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One Mission Mercantile

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We exist to give hope to people in vulnerable situations by sharing God’s love and grace through community, relationships, skills training, and job creation while providing dignified and fair, living wages and a connection to the global market.


Our Mission

We operate as ONE body for the empowerment and restoration of others through love, community, and creativity.  

Our Vision

We want to be a model organization that works to grow the body of Christ by connecting and supporting people and businesses who exemplify the hands and feet of Jesus.



The purchase of our products not only supports the artists who make them but an entire campus of ministry that includes a school, clinic, and small non-profit business.Our efforts in Nicaragua are just the beginning as we desire to provide these same benefits to others looking to learn new skills and connect with the Church globally.

For general inquiries, wholesale information, or questions about how you or your organization can partner with us, email

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