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Become a Child Sponsor

When you Sponsor a Child, every penny goes towards programs in the student's community that are directed toward a holistic approach to poverty alleviation.  

Your donation helps provide the following essentials for these children: education, basic health care, sports programs, community development and much more.

Choose a child to sponsor


These are the ambassadors for the Katie Beth Carter Memorial Institute in Tomas Borge, Nicaragua.




Energetic six year old who lives with his mother and sister who is twelve. Future students and leader at KBCMI. 



Lives with her grandmother and her sister who is seventeen and a newborn niece. Future student and leader at KBCMI. 


“We support the work of LB4C in memory of our daughter, Katie Beth, who believed that ‘given the right tools, children could change the world’. LB4C is providing those tools for the children of Tomás Borgé, Nicaragua."

Why choose LB4C sponsorship?

LB4C is a non-profit organization led entirely by volunteers who came together with the common goal of cultivating a community in Tomas Borge Nicaragua that thrives in the areas of service through education, healthcare, and economic development. No one gets paid a salary; 100% of your donation goes directly into the cause. Children are now receiving a Christian based education as well as learning vocational skills that are allowing them to dream new dreams for their future! Adults are gaining skills and abilities giving their lives a new direction! With your decision to choose LB4C, you are choosing to change lives!

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