Sponsor A Child With LB4C

Sponsoring a child is a personal way to help a child have the necessary programs that can help them pursue dreams for their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is sponsorship with LB4C different than other organizations?  

  • Our students are our number one priority.  They are our why. For this reason we take a different approach to sponsorship.  We believe in keeping the sponsor anonymous. We want our students to believe in themselves and their gifts and abilities.  We want them to dream dreams for the future impact they can have on their community and country. For these reasons and more we do not broker a relationship between sponsor and student.  We will give the sponsor a picture and name they can track over time. We will send updates on the student so sponsors can see their progress and how their gift is making an impact world wide.  

What does the sponsored student get?

  • Every penny of your monthly gift goes towards programs in the student’s community that aim at a holistic approach to poverty alleviation.  Programs such as education, vocation, sports, leadership development, and spiritual development.

  • Students will also receive a uniform and school supplies.

What does the Sponsor get?

  • A welcome packet with a picture of your student and other information about sponsorship

  • Access to a closed facebook page that has weekly updates on everything going on in their school and community

  • Yearly updates on progress in school and future plans

  • The opportunity to visit your student and bring teams to help in the school and community

How long is my sponsorship commitment?

  • There is no end date to your sponsorship.  We will track our students even after they graduate and go to the university.  It is our hope that when a student graduates that sponsors will continue their support and receive a new student to track.