Partner Programs


Impact 2 One

Through a lifetime partnership the people of Heritage High School and Tomas Borge will love, provide for, and inspire each other to change the world one person at a time. Impact 2 One is an organization created by students at Heritage High School in 2016. During that year, students raised $60,000 for the construction of KBCMI.

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Stanley’s Kids

Stanley’s Kids provides aid to children with special needs and abilities in Nicaragua. In May of 2016, Stanley passed away due to a tragic accident. His parents did not want their pain to be wasted. Stanley’s death turned into a ministry for his community in Nicaragua who, like Stanley, deserve to live a full life.

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Nicamerican missions

Nicamerican Missions brings love, faith and hope to those in need by raising moral, instilling values, teaching skills, developing leaders, and preaching with action.

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