Dream With Us

Joins us with the people of Tomas Borge and Students across the US and help us dream big dreams for all involved with Impact2one.  No one on earth knows what the future holds for the community but we want to challenge them and you to have no limits!  There are 9 beautiful acres in the center of Tomas Borge that have endless possibilities from sustainable agriculture to sports programs.  Prior to 2017 there was nothing but grass on the property.  In February of 2018 the doors opened to KBCMI.  A school was only a dream until it became reality through support and hard work.  

What will be next?


In 2019 KBCMI began official classes for 7th and 8th grade.  Every year following we will add 1 grade until we reach 7th through 11th grade.  In order to do this we will need to add on A LOT to the school.  We will need to add about 2 classrooms per year until 2021.  Our dream is that children who graduate from KBCMI will be bilingual and University ready.  After 2021 we have a dream to begin a primary school that will prepare the community children for KBCMI.

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We have a long term volunteer arriving in November of 2019 to open a clinic to serve the community.  There are many needs such as a separate building, medical equipment, medications, and more.  Consider dreaming with our long term volunteer to bring medical help to the community!

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Nicaragua has a great climate for farming.  We have dreams of sustainable agriculture such as hydroponics and small livestock.  We discovered a great opportunity for individual community gardens with accountability based support.  Now we only need someone with the knowledge to develop the program.  We also want to train the students in all these things as they are implemented as a part of the school curriculum.  Could you be the person who helps us develop a program in this area?

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Social Enterprise

In 2018 we have began sewing classes for ladies in the community and One Mission Mercantile was born! The sewing room was created as a way to teach a skill set to the women in the neighborhood in the hopes of giving them a way to earn a steady income that they could use to support  their families. By teaching these women a skill they could use to bring in a better income for their family, their children wouldn’t have to drop out of school to go to work collecting recyclables or in the fields.

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Dreams like electrical engineering, mechanic training, construction, and carpentry could all become a reality.  There is plenty of room on the property and a need for a vocational building.  There is a strong need for these trades in the country and education in these areas could be a game changer for young men who are not university bound.  Please consider dreaming with us in this area!

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With all the programs needed and the future expansion to the school needed we are in desperate need of help with construction.  We need buildings such as a clinic, team house, additional classrooms, vocational building, chicken house, and long term volunteer housing.  You could bring a construction team or raise the funds for local contractors to build these buildings.  Get your hammer and nails and come on down!

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